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We often perceive a divide between the sciences and the arts: logical v. emotional; analytical v. intuitive; quantitative v. qualitative. The synthesis of these seemingly disparate elements has resulted in some of the most provocative and resonant visual works produced over the centuries; from Leonardo di Vinci’s anatomical drawings to Damien Hurst’s sculptures, artists have sought to reconcile the less tangible aspects of experience with corporeal reality. While we owe our ever-increasing longevity to the sciences, we turn to art in trying to understand the more ethereal aspects of our being.
Through science, it becomes possible to systematically describe and articulate the cause and effect of specific medical conditions:
Ischaemic Heart Disease
“…A common disorder caused by the acute or chronic interruption of the blood supply to the myocardium usually due to the artherosclerosis of the coronary arteries.”
But how do we rationalize the emotional consequences of the above statement? While we can easily engage in a discussion of the pathology of coronary blood flow, there exists no reasonable correlation for a parent who will never again see their child. The experiential realities of our existence lie painfully far outside the realm of scientific explanation.